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Mariachiara, A. (ed. científico) (2022). Urban Space in Historical Geography Collective Perception and Territoriality . Editorial Universidad de Alcalá

Urban Space in Historical Geography Collective Perception and Territoriality

Mariachiara, Angelucci  (Ed.)

This volume develops the theme of urban space and its interrelation with human activity. The representation of space, which human action has profoundly changed over the ages, its perception and the organisation of the territory with its political and economic implications are at the core of the contributions by the authors, who deal with the subject of the city from multiple points of view. The publication is structured in five parts. The first brings together articles that focus specifically on Strabo and his Geography, in which the city plays a fundamental role and constitutes the key to its interpretation. The second section considers how urban centres are represented in cartography, particularly in Eratosthenes’ map and in the Tabula Peutingeriana. The third part discusses questions of topography in relation to the journey of Alexander the Great, while the fourth concerns issues of territorial organisation, civic identity and cultural memory. The final section deals with modern times, enriching the whole by broadening the perspective and creating a bridge between the ancient and modern worlds.

ISBN: 978-84-18979-36-1

ISBN electrónico: 978-84-19745-58-3

Lengua de publicación: Inglés

Año: 2022

Edición: Editorial Universidad de Alcalá, Universidad de Sevilla

Encuadernación: Rústica

Formato de e-book: PDF

Páginas: 406



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